• My Real Estate Agent brought Adrienne in for a consultation to prepare our home for staging and photos. She left us with a detailed room by room list of suggested edits of items to move or to pack away. Not only did the edits make sense to optimize the spaces in our home, it also got us a head start on our move. Adrienne and her team then brought in the perfect furniture and accessories that married well with our decor, and completely transformed our home. Her well thought out design plan brought out all of our homes wonderful features and made all the rooms look brighter and professionally decorated! Thanks Adrienne and team for your part in helping us get our house sold in 2 weeks!

    Catherine K.
  • Adrienne and her team have made me fall in love with my house all over again! She is a true professional, easy to deal with, and her taste is impeccable! I have enjoyed working with her on this project and can’t wait for her to come and decorate my new home!

    Amanda Tachauer
  • I called Adrienne in to consult on my recently renovated home. I was happy to learn that The Staging House offers both staging for selling, and staging for living services. I had several furniture and accessory purchases to make and was torn on style, colour and placement. Adrienne was instrumental in helping me make smart purchases that improved the look and the function of my home. She even took me shopping! She helped me choose styles that complemented my reno design choices, and items that both my husband and I would appreciate, always keeping in mind that we have two young children.

    Her guidance and knowledge of product and prices more than made up for decorating service fees, and in the end saved us money and time. We even came in under budget. She gave me ideas on different accessories that would tie everything in. I learned so much from her, and am so happy that I chose Adrienne for this task that I would never be able to pull of on my own. I highly recommend The Staging House and assure you that you would love everything Adrienne does.

    R J